This is my travel post

Writing challenge week 5

The rain was pouring down, I looked down in disbelief. It had been half an hour of waiting but Amy didn’t come. The Ice cream was  dripping on the cone but no Amy. I decided to eat the ice cream by myself, maybe Amy was angry at me? Meanwhile  I finished the ice cream and went home. I decided it was a good idea to call Amy so I changed into my PJ’s and called Amy. The suspense was killing me. She didn’t answer the phone. I knew it was hopeless so I did what any immature person would do and gave up. I bet Amy thought that I was just an immature girl who doesn’t know anything. 

A few hours later Someone was calling so I dragged myself to the phone and answered it. My hands were trembling as I answered the phone this is how the conversation went

Amy: Hi Mia it’s me Amy

Me: Oh! Hi Amy. I already know you’re angry at me you don’t have to tell me because I already figured it out.

Amy:  Why would I be angry at you Mia! I just called to ask if you’re ok. You never showed up to the ice cream shop. 

Me: I did but you didn’t show up?

Both: We both went to a different ice cream shop!

Commenting Guidines

In class we have been learning about commenting on other peoples blogs.

These are some imaginary posts and we have to list which ones are the least helpful to the ones which re the most helpful.

commenting guidlines

The most least helpful is number 7 because all it says is I love your story its really good and it doesn’t sign of or tell who they are signing it too. It also doesn’t say why the story was really good.

After that I think is number 6 because she uses too much lols and they did not use it in the right form and they used slangs.

Then I think comes number 1 because it has no punctuation it also uses lol in the wrong way and it is not really formal.

Next comes number 4. I guess number 4 is good but they have some Gramatical errors and they don’t tell who they are addressing it too.

After that comes number 8. It is helpful but it is a bit weird how it is worded like they are shouting or yelling.

I think that next comes number 3 because I guess it is not so helpful but it is still worded very good it just is not that formal.

Then I think comes number 5. It is really good but I think it maybe needs a paragraph when they say about the photos the other person shared.

Then I think the most helpful is number 2 because it is worded very good and it has a paragraph when they talk about a good topic.

Forest suprise!

Dear Diary,

This is my first diary entry ever. I am about to tell you what happened to me today. It all started when my mum said  why don’t you take the school tour to the forest. I am a very sporty and adventurous person so I said sure when is it? Then my mum told me it was today so I told her that I haven’t even started packing! She told me she had already packed everything so I went off to the forest.

When I arrived no one was there. I thought that maybe everyone was still coming so I decided to explore the forest. First I got comfortable, then I headed off. I slowly walked through the bushes and I was surprised to see that there was a tiger lying down. At first I thought it was a bad idea to go near it but I still went up to it and investigated. However as soon as I did it jumped up and then took off its head. Yes its head! and said Happy Birthday thats when I realised that my bff remembered that it was my birthday. She had been planning this surprise the whole time.

About me

Hi my name is Eshal and I am in Year 6.

I love ice-cream, the colour pink and teal and unicorns.

I love going to tropical places in summer with my besties.

I have moved to England for two years when I was six and I came back in 2019.

I have also got a leadership role and I got house captain. I am really excited to be house captain.

I am excited for the year ahead.

Country of focus( China )

1. This is Chinese flag

2. China is in the continent Asia so it is an Asian country.

3. The capital city of China is Beijing. Beijing is one of the most oldest cities in the world. Beijing was the 16th name given to it. Beijing is famous for having the Great Wall of China. In 1936 Beijing was called Peking in English.


4. China is in the northern and eastern hemisphere


4. The population of China is 1.398 billion.


5. I thought that the national language of China was Chinese but I was wrong the national language of China is called mandarin.


6. The currency of China is called Renminbi.


7. Australia is chinas sixth largest trading partner; it is chinas fifth biggest supplier of imports and  its tenth biggest Customer for exports.


8. China has the largest population in the world with over 1.3 billion people.

9. India shares a border with China to the south. Russia has a border with China to the north and China also borders  Kazakhstan to the west.