Living in Lockdown Day 2

Hi this is day 2 of online learning. So far I am enjoying online learning and it is fun. We are still in Lockdown and now I am used to not meeting people. Though the Lockdown might extend for another week or two. If you have not done online learning before it is pretty fun and the good thing is that you can wake up later than you usually do in normal school days.

Living in Lockdown Day 1

Hi, Im in lockdown and today we started online learning. We did online learning last year and it was good I guess but sometimes it can be hard because sometimes the teacher is not there when you need them. Otherwise online learning is still fun. We are in lockdown right now so we just have to do something at home🙁 . Though there are still lots of things to do when you are in lockdown like:

  • draw
  • watch TV
  • play outside
  • study
  • colour
  • read
  • paint
  • play a board game with your siblings

Anyways if you are doing online learning or are in lockdown I hope you are enjoying it.


This is my travel post

Writing challenge week 5

The rain was pouring down, I looked down in disbelief. It had been half an hour of waiting but Amy didn’t come. The Ice cream was  dripping on the cone but no Amy. I decided to eat the ice cream by myself, maybe Amy was angry at me? Meanwhile  I finished the ice cream and went home. I decided it was a good idea to call Amy so I changed into my PJ’s and called Amy. The suspense was killing me. She didn’t answer the phone. I knew it was hopeless so I did what any immature person would do and gave up. I bet Amy thought that I was just an immature girl who doesn’t know anything. 

A few hours later Someone was calling so I dragged myself to the phone and answered it. My hands were trembling as I answered the phone this is how the conversation went

Amy: Hi Mia it’s me Amy

Me: Oh! Hi Amy. I already know you’re angry at me you don’t have to tell me because I already figured it out.

Amy:  Why would I be angry at you Mia! I just called to ask if you’re ok. You never showed up to the ice cream shop. 

Me: I did but you didn’t show up?

Both: We both went to a different ice cream shop!

Commenting Guidines

In class we have been learning about commenting on other peoples blogs.

These are some imaginary posts and we have to list which ones are the least helpful to the ones which re the most helpful.

commenting guidlines

The most least helpful is number 7 because all it says is I love your story its really good and it doesn’t sign of or tell who they are signing it too. It also doesn’t say why the story was really good.

After that I think is number 6 because she uses too much lols and they did not use it in the right form and they used slangs.

Then I think comes number 1 because it has no punctuation it also uses lol in the wrong way and it is not really formal.

Next comes number 4. I guess number 4 is good but they have some Gramatical errors and they don’t tell who they are addressing it too.

After that comes number 8. It is helpful but it is a bit weird how it is worded like they are shouting or yelling.

I think that next comes number 3 because I guess it is not so helpful but it is still worded very good it just is not that formal.

Then I think comes number 5. It is really good but I think it maybe needs a paragraph when they say about the photos the other person shared.

Then I think the most helpful is number 2 because it is worded very good and it has a paragraph when they talk about a good topic.